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Starting on Saturday at 19:00 GMT The Cherry Red Radio Show, a new series hosted by the reissue label's founder, Iain McNay who will be joined in the first porogramme by Head of Press & Comms Matt Ingham for a look at all things Cherry Red and beyond. An eclectic show as always, programme one features choice cuts taken from upcoming releases from the likes of Be Bop Deluxe, Strawbs, Fraternity, The Almighty and J Mascis, alongside some deep catalogue treasures and music from outside the Cherry Red family. The next programme will air on easter weekend on Saturday April 3rd at 19:00 GMT (8pm UK time).
Every month there will be a brand new track taken from the Tea Chest Tapes, Joe Meek's fabled collection of recordings that Cherry Red have been working on since they became custodians in 2020. Cherry Red Radio is the only place you'll hear exclusive plays from this fascinating archive, alongside expert analysis by Alan Wilson from Western Star.
Each monthly show will be repeated a fortnight later on Sundays at 12:00 GMT.

We're celebrating 21 years online on Tuesday 9th March. It was on that day in the year 2000 that we started our 24 hour transmissions that have continued to this day.

Coming in April some special programmes for Easter Day.... at 12:00 GMT (1pm UK) Tony Currie lifts the lid on The Story of Scotland's Radio with masts, boats, deception, and spies part of the fascinating story that begins in the year 1905. At 13:00 GMT (2pm UK) the legendary Keith Skues returns for another hour of oldies. Then at 14:00 GMT (3pm UK) Andrea Black takes us track by track through her brand new album "Harvest Gold" (released on March 26th), followed at 15:10 GMT (4.10pm in the UK) by an afternoon orchestral concert by the Glasgow Sinfonia featuring a programme of music by Mozart and Dvorak. Plus another short story from Glasgow and at the usual times a special edition of The Lively Lounge celebrating the music of Pete Smith, the English trombonist whose arranging skills have graced many orchestras over the years.

Please note that our schedule times both online and in "Radio News" are always given in GMT = Greenwich Mean Time, currently also UK time.

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LOUNGE MUSIC our record label

The most recent album from our associated record label, Lounge Music is another one from Leapy Lee titled 'Leapy Lee's 50th Anniversary Album'. Download it now for GBP 7.89 from Amazon here. We have released four volumes of The Lively Lounge and three of TV themes in our Sounds Visual series along with albums by Tony Hatch, Johnny Pearson and Jill Keating. Our releases are all downloadable from Amazon and iTunes, and streamed via Spotify and Google.

Currently available singles include a reissue of by 'We Don't Belong' by Sylvan, coupled with her latest song 'There's an Ache in my Heart'. Check it out at Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

The Lively Lounge provides a weekly showcase for great instrumentals, but there are also a series of download albums available. The fifth volume - Sweet Unity includes previously unreleased or rare gems from Tony Hatch, Jeff Wayne, Johnny Harris, Johnny Pearson, Brian Fahey, Michael Park, Dieter Reith, Carlos Diernhammer, Laurie Johnson and many others. It's available to download now from iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

There are still many fans of the music that was featured as background to the BBC test card transmissions in the 60s. Programmes often didn't begin until 5pm and the entire daytime was given over to the pattern and music. Our record label, Lounge Music has put together an album of some of the original music from these days and it's available now on Amazon and other download sites. The Test Card in Black and White (NSDL 60017) can be bought as a download here.

Follow all the releases at the Lounge Music Facebook page .

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Radio News our advance programme guide .... and QSL cards

We publish a regular full colour programme guide in printable form as a PDF file. You can email us at to request that we email a copy to you upon publication. The March issue covering the period March 1 to 31 is available to download: click here. The next issue covering April will be published at the end of March.

We encourage listeners to our AM & FM broadcast services - especially to our monthly shortwave broadcasts - to send us Reception Reports, and we're always happy to acknowledge your broadcast Reception Reports with a QSL card; all reception reports have been acknowledged, and all outstanding QSL cards have been mailed. In return for your report, please send either a Euro, a US Dollar to cover return postage together with the report and your name and return address to : 21 Sherbrooke Avenue, Glasgow G41 4HF, Scotland.

Around the clock and around the world from Scotland - on AM, FM, DAB and the Internet!

Welcome to radio six international, a private (not for profit) radio station operating from Scotland and playing an interesting mixture of songs from the world's unsigned and indie artists in their native languages with a leaning towards instrumentals and some jazz plus specialist shows featuring oldies, bagpipes, easy listening, lounge, Americana, jazz, instrumentals, light music, classical plus some talk shows to spice up the mixture from time to time! If you have any comments, please drop us a line. We rely on a team of outstanding broadcasters and producers who create their programmes for love, not money. Our team of great professionals bringing you programmes currently includes: David Belcher, Trish Bertram, Denis Blackham, Rose Blackham, John Cavanagh, Jeananne Crowley, Tony Currie, Susan Fisher, Todd Gordon, Joanne McCall, Karen Miller, Thea Newcomb, Charles Nove, Kawser Quamer, and Kenny Tosh . Our email address is All our programme material is cleared for internet broadcast with all the copyright owners concerned and licenced by PRS For Music and Phonographic Performance Ltd. No material in any of our broadcasts may be copied or rebroadcast without the written consent of Radio Six International. All rights are reserved by Radio Six International and the individual copyright owners. This website does not use cookies to track your use. The time on the clock shown on our pages derives its data from your computer's clock, and we accept no responsibility for its accuracy or reliability.

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On Air Now: Todd's Turntable

The best in jazz hosted by Todd Gordon from studios in Glasgow. Check out playlists here. Radio Six International Syndication (broadcast yesterday)

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04:00:05Charles Nove - Scotland Ident v2

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