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For the next couple of weeks, enjoy the banter between Sharon Smith and Tony Currie in Sharon and Tony on Saturday at 21:00 GMT (10pm UK) and Thursday at 07:00 GMNT (8am UK, 7pm NZ). Oldies on vinyl and stories from their shared days on pirate radio ships.

Coming in August....Saturday night feature programmes Scots Radio, Europe's Heartbeat, Writer's Block Radio Hour and the Tony Currie Show move forward an hour to start at 2100 GMT (10pm UK)......a weekly roundup of acts appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with host Ewan Spence. Edinburgh Fringe 2024 on Saturdays at 22:00 GMT (11pm UK), Sundays at 15:00 GMT (4pm UK) and Wednesdays at 07:00 GMT (8am UK, 7pm NZ)........and now a weekly outing for the Tony Currie Show on Sundays at 11:00 GMT (12 noon UK, 11pm NZ).

Our Random Playlist takes its annual summer holidays now, so there will be no new tracks in or out of the Playlist until Saturday 3rd August. Please continue to send us your new music, though, as we'll be on the lookout for outstanding tracks between now and August.

Last updated at 10:47 GMT on Friday, 19th July. Programme details updated.

Radio News our advance programme guide .... and QSL cards

We publish a regular full colour programme guide. You can email us at to request that we email a link to you upon publication. The issue covering July is available to download here. Our weekly programme listings are also printed in The Oban Times newspaper which shows programme times in UK time.

We encourage listeners to our AM & FM broadcast services - especially to our monthly shortwave broadcasts - to send us Reception Reports, and we're always happy to acknowledge your broadcast Reception Reports with a QSL card; we are currently working to catch up with a backlog of reports received at Christmas and will endeavour to have all QSLs sent within the next fortnight. In return for your report, please send either 2GBP sterling, 2 Euros, or 2 US Dollars to cover return postage together with the report and your name and return address to : The Studio, Port Ramsay, Island of Lismore, Argyll PA34 5UN Scotland.

Around the clock and around the world from Scotland - on Shortwave, AM, FM, DAB and the Internet!

Welcome to radio six international, a private (not for profit) radio station operating from Scotland and playing an interesting mixture of songs from the world's unsigned and indie artists in their native languages with a leaning towards instrumentals and some jazz plus specialist shows featuring oldies, bagpipes, easy listening, lounge, Americana, jazz, instrumentals, light music, classical plus some talk shows to spice up the mixture from time to time! If you have any comments, please drop us a line. We rely on a team of outstanding broadcasters and producers who create their programmes for love, not money. Our team of great professionals bringing you programmesincludes: Trish Bertram, John Cavanagh, Tony Currie, Meghan Day, Glen Dickson, Todd Gordon, Kathie Griffiths, Jodie Hagan, Pat Joyce, Catie Lake, Jenni Lamb, Joanne McCall, Frieda Morrison, Sandy Neil, Duncan Newmarch, Bernard Ponsonby, Sharon Smith, Ewan Spence, Kenny Tosh, Eric White and Owen Wilde. . Additionally, within various programmes you can hear the voices of Jackie Bird, Ken Bruce, Andrea Cunningham, Andrew Currie, Leo Currie, Ingrid Flynn, Alan Freeman, Adrian Juste, Gavin McCoy, Charles Nove, Gary Owens, Lesley Riddoch, Julia Sutherland and Steve Wright. Our email address is All our programme material is cleared for internet broadcast with all the copyright owners concerned and licenced by PRS For Music and Phonographic Performance Ltd. No material in any of our broadcasts may be copied or rebroadcast without the written consent of Radio Six International. All rights are reserved by Radio Six International and the individual copyright owners. This website does not use cookies to track your use.

LOUNGE MUSIC our record label

Our associated record label, Lounge Music has a number of releases available to download via Amazon, or listen to on iTunes and Spotify. There are four volumes of The Lively Lounge and three of TV themes in our Sounds Visual series along with albums by Tony Hatch, Johnny Pearson, Leapy Lee and Jill Keating.

Currently available singles include a reissue of by 'We Don't Belong' by Sylvan. Check it out at Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

The Lively Lounge provides a weekly showcase for great instrumentals, and there is also a series of gems from Tony Hatch, Jeff Wayne, Johnny Harris, Johnny Pearson, Brian Fahey, Michael Park, Dieter Reith, Carlos Diernhammer, Laurie Johnson and many others. Download now from iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

There are still many fans of the music that was featured as background to the BBC test card transmissions in the 60s. Programmes often didn't begin until 5pm and the entire daytime was given over to the pattern and music. Our record label, Lounge Music has put together an album of some of the original music from these days and it's available now on Amazon and other download sites. The Test Card in Black and White (NSDL 60017) can be bought as a download here.

Follow all the releases at the Lounge Music Facebook page .

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On Air Now: Sequent Sounds

an uninterrupted mix of music from past playlists. Produced by Tony Currie.

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15:13:0703 Cut 3 - Full Mix
15:09:07Of Monsters And Men - Little Talks
15:05:30Nordik Fire - Missing You

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