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Springsapoppin'! And the annual ritual of world clock confusion is nearly upon us. This year we're doing something slightly different with our schedules. Although we always stick to GMT for our transmission times, and in our online and printed schedules, we do make some small changes. As usual the early morning (GMT) programme that currently airs at 06:00 will move to 07:00 from Sunday 7th April, which is when clocks in Australia and new Zealand go back an hour. That way listeners in the Pacifica region will still find programmes at their usual times locally.

But we've also traditionally swapped The Lively Lounge and John Cavanagh's Soundwave when UK clocks go forward, in order to keep the Sunday night Lounge at the same UK time all year round. Unfortunately the knock-on effect of this has been to displace Soundwave by two hours in all of its weekend timeslots. Not this year, though. Here's how things will change. Saturday and Sunday daytime (GMT) will remain the same all year round and Soundwave will precede The Lively Lounge. Therefore in the UK all of our programmes will start an hour earlier than in the winter. But the exception will be Sunday night (GMT) when programmes will retain their UK time zone slot and therefore start an hour earlier GMT.

Current times on Sunday evening are: 19:00 GMT/19:00 UK: The Miller Tells Her Tale 21:00 GMT/21:00 UK: Soundwave 22:00 GMT/22:00 UK: The Lively Lounge and 23:00 GMT/23:00 UK: The Golden Age of Light Music. From March 31st these will change as follows - 18:00 GMT/19:00 UK: The Miller Tells Her Tale 20:00 GMT/21:00 UK: Soundwave 21:00 GMT/22:00 UK: The Lively Lounge 22:00 GMT/23:00 UK: The Golden Age of Light Music and 23:00 GMT/00:00 UK: Love at the Movies. Full details of these changes online and in the April issue of "Radio News".

From March 18th, both The Lively Lounge and John Cavanagh's Soundwave will be available in the Paisley and Glasgow, Scotland area on 107.5FM and DAB from the new station Paisley FM.

Website last updated at 11:15 on Wednesday, 20th March 2019. Random Playlist updated; Programme details updated.

LOUNGE MUSIC our record label

The latest album from our associated record label, Lounge Music is another new one from Leapy Lee titled 'Leapy Lee's 50th Anniversary Album'. Download it now for GBP 7.89 from Amazon here. We have released four volumes of The Lively Lounge and three of TV themes in our Sounds Visual series along with albums by Tony Hatch, Johnny Pearson and Jill Keating. Our releases are all downloadable from Amazon and iTunes, and streamed via Spotify and Google.

Recent download singles include a reissue of by 'We Don't Belong' by Sylvan, coupled with her latest song 'There's an Ache in my Heart'. Check it out at Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

The Lively Lounge provides a weekly showcase for great instrumentals, but there are also a series of download albums available. the latest - Sweet Unity includes previously unreleased or rare gems from Tony Hatch, Jeff Wayne, Johnny Harris, Johnny Pearson, Brian Fahey, Michael Park, Dieter Reith, Carlos Diernhammer, Laurie Johnson and many others. It's available to download now from iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

There are still many fans of the music that was featured as background to the BBC test card transmissions in the 60s. Programmes often didn't begin until 5pm and the entire daytime was given over to the pattern and music. Our record label, Lounge Music has put together an album of some of the original music from these days and it's available now on Amazon and other download sites. The Test Card in Black and White (NSDL 60017) can be bought as a download here.

Follow all the new releases at the Lounge Music Facebook page .

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Radio News our advance programme guide .... and QSL cards

We publish a regular full colour programme guide in printable form as a PDF file. You can email us at to request that we email a copy to you upon publication. The March edition of Radio News covering the period March 1 to 31 is available to download: click here. The April issue will be published on March 27th.

We encourage listeners to our AM & FM broadcast services - especially on those very occasional forays on shortwave - to send us Reception Reports, and we're always happy to acknowledge your broadcast Reception Reports with a QSL card; all reception reports have been acknowledged, and all outstanding QSL cards have been mailed. In return for your report, please send either a Euro, two US Dollars or an International Reply Coupon to cover return postage together with the report and your name and return address to : 21 Sherbrooke Avenue, Glasgow G41 4HF, Scotland.

Around the clock and around the world from Scotland - on AM, FM and the Internet!

Welcome to radio six international, a private (not for profit) radio station operating from Scotland and playing an interesting mixture of songs from the world's unsigned and indie artists in their native languages with a leaning towards instrumentals and some jazz plus specialist shows featuring oldies, bagpipes, easy listening, lounge, Americana, jazz, instrumentals, light music, classical plus some talk shows to spice up the mixture from time to time! If you have any comments, please drop us a line. We rely on a team of outstanding broadcasters and producers who create their programmes for love, not money. Our team of great professionals bringing you programmes over the Festive Season includes: David Ades, Randy 'Badazz' Alpert, David Belcher, Trish Bertram, Andrea Black, Paul Bushell, John Cavanagh, Jim Connell, Susan Conway-Moyes, Jeananne Crowley, Maura Currie, Tony Currie, Todd Gordon, Tony Hatch, Paul Higginbotham, Andre Leon, Diana Luke, Libby McArthur, Joanne McCall, Karen Miller, Spike Nesmith, Richard Niles, Charles Nove, Kawser Quamer, Karin Spalter, Ewan Spence, Kenny Tosh and John Toye. Our email address is All our programme material is cleared for internet broadcast with all the copyright owners concerned and licenced by PRS For Music and Phonographic Performance Ltd. No material in any of our broadcasts may be copied or rebroadcast without the written consent of Radio Six International. All rights are reserved by Radio Six International and the individual copyright owners. This website does not use cookies to track your use. The time on the clock shown on our pages derives its data from your computer's clock, and we accept no responsibility for its accuracy or reliability.

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