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The Radio Six International Random Playlist for the week beginning Saturday 6th March 2021

  1. LAVENDER - Russell Louder (Canada) Lisbon Lux Records
  2. CAWE YOKO - Fely Tchaco (Ivory Coast) Self released
  3. MY LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDS (Transglobal Underground Remix) - Esbe (England) New Cat
  4. KING OF THE MOUNTAIN - Gizelle Smith (England) Jalapeno Records
  5. GRAA DAGAR - Corduroy (Sweden) Varo Records
  6. I WANT TO KNOW - Wily Bo Walker (USA) Self released
  7. LIVE IT UP - Richie Sampson (England) Self released
  8. MAGIC MOMENTS - Keith McDonald with the Dublin County Choir (Ireland) Self released
  9. THE SINNER - Sacropolis (Germany) Blickpunkt Pop
  10. EVERYTHING BEGINS, EVERYTHING ENDS - Gracious Losers (Scotland) Last Night From Glasgow
  11. BLACK MOON CHILD - The Method One (Scotland) Ambulance Records
  12. SUPERPOWER - Jessiquoi (Switzerland) Mojo 3
  13. RED RED JOHNNY - The Bossa Nova Beatniks (USA) Self released
  14. THAT GIRL - Dano Chase (Canada) Self released
  15. HAND IN HAND - Pymlico (Norway) Apollon Records
  16. NOT AN ILLUSION - Stine Vega (Denmark) Danmark Music Group
  17. BRIGHTER THAN THIS - Edward W Sealey (Canada) Jerningham Entertainment Group
  18. STRANGE GIRL - Andrea Black (England) Teddy D Records
  19. POISON ARROWS - Objayda (England) Burning Ice Records
  20. WAITING LIKE A FOOL - Esther (England) Self released
  21. THE SILENCE ABOVE US - Sarah McQuaid (Spain) Shovel and a Spade
  22. ONE MORE DAY TILL THURSDAY - Cari Dell (USA) Self released
  23. LET'S RIDE - Gary Palmer (USA) Jerningham Entertainment Group
  24. DON'T CALL IT LOVE - The Foole (USA) Self released
  25. FREEDOM - Ana Shine (Russia) Man In The Moon
  26. IZVEDI ME - V.I.S. Scena (Serbia) Goraton
  27. ALMA PAGE - Soleil Bleu (France) Echo Orange
  28. WAITING JUST TO DANCE - Felton Pilate (USA) Jerningham Entertainment Group
  29. PARTY OUT AMIGO - Men In Grey Suits (Hawaii) Self released
  30. POWER TO THE PEOPLE - Motihari Brigade (USA) Creative Destruction records
  31. IN DEEP - Bethzienna (Wales) She music
  32. NO ANGEL - Android Anima (England) Self released
  33. BETTER - Dignity Row (Scotland) Self released
  34. NO CLUE - Dick Aven (USA) Self released
  35. HOLD MY HEART - Nesh x Beyond Birds (Norway) Self released
  36. LOVE SURROUND ME - Stacey Z (Scotland) Kbay Music Production
  37. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOU AGAIN - Eamonn Jackson (Ireland) Self released
  38. THE NAKED TRUTH - Noanna (Netherlands) Reckords
  39. THE SAINTS AND THE SINNERS - Sian Richards (Wales) Self released
  40. ANYTHING IN LOVE - MisterNez (Canada) Self released
  41. RIDING ON THE TIDE OF LOVE - Deacon Blue (Scotland) earMUSIC
  42. THE PROFESSOR - Dream Aria (Canada) Self released
  43. DISTANCE OF ONE - The Cravens (USA) Self released
  44. WONDERLAND - Johnny Warman Singsong Music
  45. FALLEN ANGEL - Erasure (England) Mute
  46. I WILL LIFT UP MY WINGS AND FLY AWAY - Paintbox (England) Self released
  47. GOOD LUCK LOVE - Craig Davidson (Scotland) Kiss My Kunst Records
  48. JUST A TOUCH OF GREEN - Guy Bergeron (Canada) Disques BOGHEI
  49. PIECE OF MY HEART - Kim Thomas (Jamaica) Heavybeat Records
  50. WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT - Lost Vegas (Cyprus) Self released

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