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Playlist for week beginning Saturday 9th July 2022.

  1. SINGING IN MY CAR - Jaqlin Spring (Netherlands) Self released
  2. MON GENERAL - Pierre De Frebourg (France) Self released
  3. SWEAR TO MY HEART - Erik Nielsen and Anders Brodersen (Norway) Self released
  4. KING OF THE NIGHT - Ena Mori (Japan/Phillipines) Self released
  5. TOO LATE IT'S MY TIME - Lori Williams (USA) Self released
  6. FIND MYSELF AGAIN - The Kings of Cool (Northern Ireland) Self released
  7. NEED IT - Vladik (Kazakhstan) (Bip Records)
  8. SPECTRUM OF COLOR - Sarah Perrotta (USA) Third Star Records
  9. FOOTNOTE - 2 Colours Blue (England) Broken 8 Records
  10. ALL SHADOWS ARE ONE - Thyra (Denmark) Self released
  11. IS IT SO? - Fafa Galoure (Israel) Self released
  12. MASQUERADE - Bananarama (England) In Synk
  13. FLY AWAY - Laurent Wery ft. Sean Declase (Belgium) BIP Records
  14. KILSTON CITY - The Carey James (Jamaica) Morelove Music
  15. NIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN - Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara(USA) Lazzarkoff Productions
  16. BURNING LOVE - Joy Factory & Al Walser (Liechtenstein) Self released
  17. TAKE ON ME - The Magic Epic (England) Self released
  18. THE MAGDALA - Objayda (England) Burning Ice
  19. MISTAKES - Destiny Band Oz (Australia) Self released/AMRAP
  20. NEVER GIVING UP ON YOU - Katherine Aly (Scotland) Self released
  21. SUNNY DAYS - ClareCiel (England) Self released
  22. THIS BOY IS A MESS - The Orchids (Scotland) Self released
  23. WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS - The Vignatis (France/USA) Self released
  24. MASCARA STREAKZ - Altered Images (Scotland) Self released
  25. RARE MAN WANTED - SB Mackhigh Stanton (Canada) Self released
  26. TIRED OF WAITING - Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood (USA) Light In The Attic
  27. MARK ON YOUR DOOR - Peter Kearns (New Zealand) Self released
  28. YOU DON'T OWN ME - Muddibrooke (England) Self released
  29. MIRACLE - Gerardo (Netherlands) Self released
  30. CAPELAND - Liv Elisabeth (England) Spectrum Music Ltd
  31. YOU'VE COME HOME - Helen Jayne McKellar (Wales) Unreleased
  32. WAFFLES - Widespread Haze (England) Self released
  33. CLOCKWORK - Pymloci (Norway) Apollon Records
  34. FANTASY - Paris Select Symphony (France) Unreleased
  35. HEAVY - Gloria (France) Howlin' Banana
  36. IT HAPPENS EVERY DAY - Ronald MacDonald (Scotland) Self released
  37. LIKE I LOVE YOU - Ron Bell (Canada) Self released
  38. ASTROLENA - Bankrupt (Hungary) Self released
  39. MOMMA NEVER TOLD YA - Gin Palace (Northern Ireland) Self released
  40. SHINING IN YOUR EYES - Stacey Z (Scotland) Self released
  41. SWEET LORRAINE - MonaLisa Twins (Austria) Woolgoose Records
  42. A MILLION LIGHTBULBS - Captain of the Lost Waves (England) Self released
  43. SOUL SEARCHING AND SONGWRITING - Rebecca Lundstrom (Norway) Self released
  44. SUMMER LOVE - Lyndon Rivers (Australia) Self released
  45. RED SEA - Kala Chng (England) Self released
  46. LET'S DANCE - Andrew J NewallSelf released
  47. LOVE IN MY EYES - Eugene Cole feat. Monty Seward (USA) Jerningham Entertainment
  48. MAYBE IT WAS JUST A DREAM - Pogo Pops (Norway) Apollon Records
  49. LAYLA - JBAX and Jesse Sampere (Gibraltar) Self rerleased
  50. THERE WILL BE LIGHT - Alex Krawczyk (Canada) Self released

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