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Playlist for week beginning Saturday 29th January 2022.

  1. THE HUSTLE - The Society Hill Orchestra (USA) Essential Media Group
  2. PUNISH - Pussy Riot (Russia) Neon Gold Records
  3. IN BRITISH WATERS - Objayda (England) Burning Ice Records
  4. ROUND THE CORNER - Kerbside Collection (Australia) Legere Recordings
  5. NEW WORLD - Michael Massaro (Canada) M&M Records
  6. DON'T FEED ON ME - The McKenzie FIX (Scotland) Self released
  7. THE CAT - Beppe Baldi (Italy) Self released
  8. HEY BOY - Single By Sunday (Scotland) Self released
  9. WEST OF EDEN - The ormidales (Canada) Self released
  10. WILDFLOWER - Hannyta (Scotland) Self released
  11. THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE LINE - Janis Ian (USA) Rude Girl Records
  12. TEQUILA KISS - Jay Elle (USA) Self released
  13. IN TIME - Jon Idy (North Macedonia) Self released
  14. NOT ENOUGH - Just a Ride (England) Self released
  15. RABBIT HILLS - Sarah McQuaid (England) Shovel and a Spade Records
  16. FLOWER DUET (from Lakme) - Adya Nomi Duo (Belgium) Mouse Music/CNR
  17. CATCH THE WIND - Herb Alpert (USA) Herb Alpert Presents
  18. SONGBIRD - MonaLisa Twins (Austria) Woolgoose Records
  19. ONLY WITH YOU - Antoinette de Haan (Netherlands) Self released
  20. LOVE AND FORGIVENESS - Mud Bay (Canada) Self released
  21. COCONUT OIL - Mango Lassie (Scotland) Self released
  22. WHEN SUMMER COMES AGAIN - Simon Mayor (England) Self released
  23. THE HEART YOU LEFT BEHIND - Jason McAllister (Ireland) Self released
  24. MAKING UP AGAIN - The Mike David Project featuring Shelley Stevens (England) Soundblitz Records
  25. WINTER SOLSTICE - Eimear Quinn (Ireland) Peach Records
  26. ANYONE WHO HAD A HEART - Lauren Jones (England) Self released
  27. YOU ARE MY GIRL - Ryan Helman (England) Self released
  28. WILD AND FREE - Smoking Martha (Australia) Self released
  29. MADAM QUEEN - Chris Crain (USA) Self released
  30. TECHNIKOLOR - Erin StevensonJerningham Entertainment
  31. EITHERWAY - Rubus (Belgium) Self released
  32. A FALL BY THE WAYSIDE - Sheila K Cameron (Scotland) Glalell
  33. PEOPLE LIKE YOU, PEOPLE LIKE ME - Linda Lamon (England) Self released
  34. TOGETHER FOREVER IN LOVE - Eugene Cole (USA) Jerningham Entertainment
  35. GIMME YOUR LOVE - Atomic (Germany) Self released
  36. I DIDN'T WALK THE LINE - Michael Farrell (Ireland) Self released
  37. FOREVER HOME - Rick Drevet (USA) Self released
  38. I WANT YOU BACK - Rozalla (Zambia) CAUTION - Energise Records
  39. U MAKE ME SMILE - The Foole (Canada) Self released
  40. RESCUE ME - Papa Satch (USA) Self released
  41. SUNRISE - Fear of Falling (South Africa) Self released
  42. BABA O'RILEY - Jarvis Lane (England) Self released in aid of Mind
  43. ONE DAY - The RAH Band (England) Self released
  44. JUMP BACK - Lonehead (Scotland) Self released
  45. TWO LEFT FEET - (England) GSMC
  46. AMERICAN LULLABY - Dean Friedman (USA) Self released
  47. FREEBIRD BLUE - Stine Vega (Denmark) Danmarks Music Group
  48. DO THE BOOGIE - Jools Holland (England) Warner Music
  49. PICK UP THE PIECES - Esther (England) Self released
  50. ONE FINE DAY - The Delerium Trees (Scotland) AMJ Music

  51. If you want your music to be heard on our station, there is only one way to send it to us. Please email an mp3 file (44.1k ONLY) to 48k files will be deleted without listening. Sending us links to YouTube or any other websites will get you nowhere. Trying to get us to wander off to Spotify likewise. We get over 400 submissions a week and only 5 slots to fill. We have to be utterly ruthless, so if you don't follow the rules, you won't get a play. Which would be a pity.

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On Air Now: Nothing But The Best

Tony Currie introduces another hour of classical music. Radio Six International Syndication (First broadcast in October 2017) Also on 88.2MHz and 107.6MHz FM in New Zealand.

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06:00:01Tony Currie - NOTHING BUT THE BEST #203
05:58:36Charles Nove - 02 STATION OPENER 2022
05:57:59Joanne McCall - Random Play Closer 2022
05:55:41The Delerium Trees - One Fine Day
05:53:02Janis Ian - The Light at the End of the Line

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