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The Radio Six International Random Playlist for week beginning Saturday 1st April 2017

  1. DON'T STOP THE CHILDREN - Taz Vegas (Hawaii)
  2. TREAT HER RIGHT - The MDP (England)
  3. CLARA - Jarvis Cocker & Chilly Gonzales (England/Canada)
  4. GIANTS - Take That (England)
  5. THE FOOL - Nachtschade (Netherlands)
  6. SWEET TREATS - Right Said Fred (England)
  7. DOWN IN THE HOLE - Shakin' Stevene (England)
  8. WILD FAITH - Trivellor (Italy)
  9. MY VILLAGE - John Twomey (England)
  10. WHEN I FALL IN LOVE - Toronto Art Ensemble (Canada)
  11. THE GRASS AIN'T ALWAYS GREENER - Darren Parry (Wales)
  12. FREE ELECTRIC BAND - Albert Hammond (Gibraltar)
  13. DUNE BLUES - Modou Toure & Raman Goose (Senegal/England)
  14. ELEANOR RIGBY - Rick Wakeman (England)
  15. RUMBA DEL RAVAL - Mandolinman (Belgium)
  16. WORLD WITHOUT LOVE - MonaLisa Twins (Austria)
  17. LET'S PRETEND - Into The Blood (Denmark)
  18. GOOD THING - Late Hala (England)
  19. MINISTRY OF DANCE - Dream Aria (Canada)
  20. DREAMING OF YOU - Samantha Sax (Italy)
  21. BESA MOROCHA - Maltango (Argentina)
  22. SHIFTING SANDS - The Ruffcats feat. Rapturous (Germany)
  23. BETTER OFF ALONE - Two Year Vacation (Sweden)
  24. J'AI RENDEZ VOUS AVEC MON AME - Clementine (France)
  25. WHENEVER YOU FALL - Megan Moore (Wales)
  26. ROCKY RIVER - Raymie Wilson (Scotland)
  27. DON'T FREAK OUT - Lovett (USA)
  28. LULLABY FOR LEO - The Band Beyond Borders (Switzerland/India)
  29. HA! (Rogan Remix) - Jon Kennedy (England)
  30. MI MUSICA - Alex Luna (Dominican Republic)
  31. INTERCITY EXPRESS - Soniq Theater (Germany)
  32. BLOWING THROUGH - Jen Gloeckner (USA)
  33. TALK TO TREES - Cajsa Siik (Sweden)
  34. LET'S GET LOST - The Pretenders feat Neil Tennant (England)
  35. SOUND OF MY BREAKING HEART - Marti Pellow (Scotland)
  36. DON'T TRY TELLIN' THAT TO MY HEART - Sarah Spicer (New Zealand)
  37. BESAME MUCHO - JDV (South America)
  38. GORILLA (Jon Kennedy Mix) - Protassov (Germany)
  39. SHINE ON - Alex Larke (England)
  40. SUNDAY FOR SEVEN DAYS - Five's Company (England)
  41. THE WHITE RABBIT - Sebastian Tombs (Scotland)
  42. CLOUDBURST - Objayda (England)
  43. I'M NOT SHARING - Imani Pressley (USA)
  44. FILTHY DIRTY SOUTH - Rising Appalachia (USA)
  45. ROCK DA BOAT - Samu (USA)
  46. CINDOLINA - AMRA (England)
  47. THE WAY I FEEL - Baluji Shrivastav & Re-Orient (India)
  48. PENNY LANE - Livingston Taylor (USA)
  49. OH! YOU PRETTY THINGS - Katherine Ellis & Clifford Slapper (England)
  50. KEEPER OF MY HEART - Richard Scott (USA)

All Rights Reserved. Copyright © Radio Six International, 2017.

The Random Playlist - how it works

First of all, what the playlist isn't. It's not a chart showing anything objective, like sales, number of plays, or anything like that. The playlist is simply a selection of tracks that we at Radio Six International think you'll enjoy listening to.
Random Play is broadcast through what in western Europe are the night hours, although of course for many of our listeners the programme can be heard in daytime.
There are fifty tracks each week, and each week we eliminate five tracks and add in five new ones. All tracks are eligible for voting in our annual Record of the Year contest, except those which have been released by major commercial record labels and supplied to us under agreement for promotional or review purposes. We will, however, generally include tracks which have been commercially released on small independent labels. The decision on which tracks qualify and which don't remains solely with radio six international.

Do you want our listeners to hear your music? We're always happy to receive new music for possible inclusion on the playlist. But you MUST use, otherwise your emails will be deleted without being read. If you want to send us your demos, please email us first so that we can ensure that the recordings are cleared for our use. If you send us unsolicited recordings with a request to play them, we will assume that you have read and understood these terms and conditions. We do not pay mechanical, performance or publishing copyrights on recordings we receive from unsigned or unpublished artistes unless these recordings involve the rights of third parties whose material is protected by the main copyright bodies. We reserve the right to refuse to play recordings if we believe that the legal rights of other copyright holders may be infringed. We have ongoing agreements with the PRS for Music, MCPS and Phonographic Performance Ltd for the webcasting of commercial recordings and the online performance of published music. We reserve the right to edit recordings for broadcast; this may involve reducing the playing time or eliminating potentially offensive lyrics.

We accept music as MP3, WAV or Ogg-Vorbis files emailed to us:, but because of the likelihood of obvious transcoding artefacts we prefer music sent by snail-mail. We can accept your recordings on any format - CD, Minidisk, Cassette, Quarter inch half track mono or stereo tape at 3.75, 7.5 or 19ips, or vinyl. Our mailing address is:-

Music Submissions
Radio Six International
21 Sherbrooke Avenue
G41 4HF

If you have to send us an mp3, please ensure it's recorded at 192kbs, 44.1Hz and send it to VERY IMPORTANT!!: We receive many hundreds of files a month so PLEASE ensure that the performer's name and the song title are included in the filename. We continue to reject many recordings because we didn't know who the performer was or what the title was. Files with names like "Track 5 master" or "John's mix" are useless!

Diana Luke, whose voice is heard daily introducing RANDOM PLAY is a Canadian who has been living in Britain for over 25 years. She still gets asked on a regular basis:

a) Are you over on holiday?
b) What part of the States are you from?
c) Are you Irish?

She thinks that some of her ancestors from County Cork join her when she has a drink, as the Irish intonation seems to be more prevalent then! Her eclectic career began in health when she studied Nursing but left when she realised that bed pans and injections were considered more important than saying, " How ya doin?'" She then went on to train as a Health and Fitness Adviser, then left for England. She worked in Adult Education as a Lecturer in Health Education and also ran groups and saw patients in three general practices. Her innovative work was filmed for Channel Four's Wellbeing Series and Yorkshire TV. She also had her first acting role in BBC 2 WSH, playing herself as a TV show host. She then had the lucky fluke of being in the right place at the right time. She was asked to take part in a round the table discussion on "love and sex" at Hallam FM and her provocative statements got her her first radio job at Viking Radio in Hull as their first female presenter. Her career then took her down to London for many new beginnings including the Beeb and Jazz FM.

But now she has come full circle for "quality of life" back to Sheffield. She trained a few years ago as a professional Hypno-Psychotherapist and works with clients on self-confidence issues, relationship problems, stress management etc. Diana now works from home in her digital recording studio doing voice work internationally. This includes radio station imaging, automated shows, Inflight programmes, narrative work and voiceovers for TV and radio. She is the mother of four grown up children who are great friends and lives with her youngest daughter, her radio star dog Brandy and Tia her cat. In her spare time, she enjoys walking in the beautiful countryside surrounding Sheffield, visiting country pubs, reading a good novel or a self-awareness book, chatting with friends and listening to music, loudly! She has begun two novels and hopes to finish them one day! And for those in the know, she is a Cancerian Water Snake with a Life Path of 4!

copyright © 2016 radio six international

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