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Playlist for week beginning Saturday 23rd October 2021

  1. CUCKOO - Agnes Jones (Latvia) Self released
  2. HALF IN, HALF OUT - The Kundalini Genie (Scotland) Self released
  3. JOE LE TAXI - Juli Chan (Poland) Metascope Music
  4. LET'S GROOVE - Danny Darko (Italy) Self released
  5. THE BOOGEY WOOGEY MAN - Marla Lewis (USA) Plumjuice Music
  6. A HORSE WITH NO NAME - Hoopy Frood (England) Self released
  7. A SECOND TO MIDNIGHT - Kylie Minogue (Australia) BMG
  8. AUTUMN LEAVES - Sarah McQuaid (England) Shovel and a Spade Records
  9. KELPIE - Moira Kerr (Scotland) Mayker Records
  10. NO TIME TO DIE - Stone Prophet (USA) Curtain Call Records
  11. TEN BUCKS IN THE GLOVE BOX - Jamie DonnellySelf released
  12. SWIMMING UPSTREAM - Lonehead (Scotland) Self released
  13. RIVER - Inge Augustina (Netherlands) Apollo-98
  14. MAKTUB - Kristian J (South Korea) Self released
  15. GYPSY GIRL - Goldberg (Slovakia) Self released
  16. ANGEL - Mariah Christie (Italy) Self released
  17. NEVER LOVE SOMEONE - Dignity Row (Scotland) Self released
  18. SMALL TOWN BAR - T.J. Walker (England) Self released
  19. PA FRIHEDENS STATION - Laste Dore (Denmark) Open Doors Records
  20. STORM - Stephen Wrench (USA) Musik and Film
  21. THE JOURNEY - Lyras (Scotland) Self released
  22. FAMILY - Emeli Sande (Scotland) Chrysalis Records
  23. ORLA THE OCTOPUS - Vix 20 (England) Self released
  24. ELI'S COMING - Sparrow (England) The Chris White Experience
  25. NEVER TOO OLD TO DANCE - Shaun O'Dowd (Ireland) Self released
  26. THE MAN WHO SAVED THE WORLD - The Supermoons (Scotland) Self released
  27. HOW LONG - Paul McDonald (USA) Self released
  28. KILL THE LIGHTS - Marla Lewis (USA) Self released
  29. STRANGERS - J67 (Cyprus) Blind Dog Records
  30. HOW HIGH IS THE SKY? - Lixx (Scotland) Self released
  31. BEEN ASLEEP TOO LONG - This is the story (England) Self released
  32. PSYCHEDELIC BED - Objayda (England) Burning Ice Records
  33. ONE MORE DRINK - Paula O'Reilly (Ireland) Self released
  34. CHARLIE'S GONE HOME - Sarah McQuaid (England) Shovel and a Spade Records
  35. GIVE IT TO ME NOW - Single By Sunday (Scotland) Self Released
  36. I BOUGHT MYSELF A POLITICIAN - MonaLisa Twins (Austria) Woolgoose Records
  37. ANNIVERSARY - Duran Duran (England) Tape Modern/BMG
  38. IF IT'S LOVE - Sting (England) A&M/Interscope/Cherry Tree
  39. TEARDROPS FROM THE RAIN - Lene Lie (Norway) Self released
  40. SWEET KISS - Saint Lazare feat. Olyza (France) iMusician Digital
  41. BILLY CHA - Herb Alpert (USA) Herb Alpert Presents, Inc
  42. SUMMERTIME - Esbe (England) New Cat
  43. HERE SHE COMES - The Rhynes (England) Tiny Dog
  44. FRAGESTELLUNG - Jack Ellister (Germany) Tonzonen Records
  45. CANADA - Dani W + Drew (USA) Legacy Records
  46. YOU - Liselotte Van Dooren (Belgium) Self released
  47. COULD HAVE LOVED YOU - Wily Bo Walker & E D Brayshaw (USA) Mescval Canyon records
  48. STEAL THE JEWELS - Dawesville Cut (Australia) SSelf released
  49. MIDNIGHT - Sian Richards (Wales) Self released
  50. GRAVEYARD ROCK - Death Party UK (England) Self released

  51. If you want your music to be heard on our station, there is only one way to send it to us. Please email an mp3 file (44.1k ONLY) to 48k files will be deleted without listening. Sending us links to YouTube or any other websites will get you nowhere. Trying to get us to wander off to Spotify likewise. We get over 400 submissions a week and only 5 slots to fill. We have to be utterly ruthless, so if you don't follow the rules, you won't get a play. Which would be a pity.

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