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Soundwave with John Cavanagh

Check out the playlist from this week's show and find links to listen again to previous programmes on the Soundwave webpage. The programme can be heard on local stations around the world. Here on radio six international the show airs on Saturday at 08:00 GMT with repeats on Sundays at 06:00 GMT and 21:00 GMT and Monday at 19:00 GMT. World FM on 88.2FM in Tawa and Redwood, New Zealand broadcasts the show on Sundays at 7pm (NZ time); PCJ Radio on 95.5FM in Taipei, Taiwan broadcasts the show on Sundays at 3pm (Taiwan time); Radio Telstar online from Scotland, on Tuesdays at 9pm; Hospital Radio Reading online from Reading, England at at 2pm on Thursdays and 1pm on Fridays; KIOA on 950 kHz AM and KIQQ 106.3 MHz FM in Farmington, Iowa, USA carry the Soundwave at 9am on Tuesday, WXDR on 1620 AM and 98.9FM in New Orleans, Lousiana, USA on Saturdays at 10pm; and Venture Radio online from Wiltshire, England at airs the show at 2am on Wednesday; and Geneva Community Radio in New York at will be taking the shows very soon.

The Lively Lounge

For a detailed list of tracks played this week including details of record catalogue numbers and release dates, visit our Facebook page here.

You can hear The Lively Lounge here on radio six international at 19:00 GMT on Fridays, 09:00 GMT on Saturdays, 07:00 and 22:00 GMT on Sundays and 06:00 on Thursdays; on World FM 88.2FM Tawa & Redwood, New Zealand at 8pm on Sundays and 7pm on Thursdays; PCJ Radio 95.5FM Taipei, Taiwan at 4pm on Sundays; Surf 98.5 1,710 AM and 98.5 FM Stereo in Outer Banks, North Carolina, USA (check local station for times); 103 The Eye 103FM Stereo in Melton Mowbray, England at 12.30am on Sunday/Monday and 11pm on Tuesdays; WXDR on 1620 AM and 98.9FM in New Orleans, Lousiana, USA on Saturdays at 9pm; Venture Radio online from Wiltshire, England at at 5pm on Thursdays; Lochbroom FM on 96.8FM and 102.2FM in the North Western Highlands of Scotland on Sundays at 1pm,and Thursdays at 7pm; 247 Music Radio online from Singapore at at 2am on Tuesdays (Singapore time); Radio 16 network on 35 transmitters in New South Wales and Victoria transmitting between 87.6 and 88.0 FM from Newcastle, NSW, Australia on Tuesdays at 10am; Two Lochs Radio on 106.0 and 106.6 FM in Wester Ross, Scotland on Sundays at 1pm,and Thursdays at 7pm; Radio Telstar online from Scotland on Wednesdays at 10pm; Hospital Radio Reading online from Reading, England here at 2pm on Thursdays; TD1 Radio on 106.5 FM in Galashiels, Scotland at at 11pm on Mondays; Wyrelite Radio online from Chichester, England on Tuesdays at 6pm, UK; WCGD on 90.5 FM in Edgar, Nebraska at 6pm CST on Tuesday; KCGW 101.7 FM in Edgar, Nebraska, USA at 6pm CST on Tuesday; KLZY 99.3 FM in Salina, Kansas at 6pm CST on Tuesday; and KMJY 88.1 FM in Solomon, Kansas at 6pm CST on Tuesday.

Nothing But The Best

A weekly programme of familiar and not so familiar music in the classical idiom. Broadcast on radio six international every Friday at 07:00 GMT with repeats on Saturdays at 11:00 GMT and Sundays at 09:00 GMT, the programme is also being heard in Glasgow and Renfrew online from Radio Telstar International at 7pm on Thursdays; on World FM on Fridays at 7pm, Hospital Radio Reading on Thursdays at 5pm and Fridays at 1pm and Global Community Radio (New York) on Wednesdays at 3pm, and on Sundays at 9am in Galashiels, Scotland on TD-1 Radio.

If there's a favourite piece of classical music that you would like to hear played on the programme, please email and we will do our best to include your request in a future programme.

Tony Currie Show

A weekly hour of old ones, new ones, loved ones and neglected ones with Tony Currie on radio six international every Saturday at 07:00 GMT when the show is broadcast simultaneously on World Fm in Tawa & Redwood, New Zealand and PCJ Radio in Taipei, Taiwan; Sunday at 05:00 and 20:00 GMT; and Tuesday at 19:00 GMT. The show also airs on TD-1 Radio on FM in Galashiels on Fridays at 14:00 GMT; Hospital Radio Reading on Fridays at 11:00 GMT; Radio Telstar on DAB Digital Radio in Glasgow, Scotland at 11pm UK on Sundays and 7pm UK on Thursdays; Radio Seren at 9pm UK on Thursday; Wyrelite Radio at 6pm UK on Thursday; and the Radio 16 FM Network of stations throughout New South Wales and Victoria, Australia on Mondays at 1pm AEDT.

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On Air Now: Todd's Turntable

with Todd Gordon and an hour of jazz. Playlists, chat and sleeve pix on the website here. Radio Six International Syndication(Broadcast yesterday)

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Recently Played

TimeArtist - Title
04:59:44Tony Hawkins - Station Ident FM 30
04:59:391683 - Email us
04:58:551622 - Kenny Tosh generic B
04:00:26Todd Gordon - TODD'S TURNTABLE #169
04:00:14Tony Hawkins - Station Ident 15secs

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Not Quite Altogether Now

Tony Currie's most recent book Not Quite Altogether Now is a romp through his pioneering days at Radio Clyde, Scotland's first landbased commercial radio station. Covering the first year or so from Hogmanay 1973, the book is essential reading for all true radio anoraks!
Click on the book image for instant ordering details. (Terms & Conditions apply. See here for details.) Also available in all good bookshops at £14.99.

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