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Record of the Year 2020

Here's the final chart for 2020:

1 387 LUNAR MILK - Fat-Suit (Scotland)
2 362 WHERE DO ALL THE BIRDS GO? - The Clear (England)
3 352 GIANT SAND - Stine Vega (Denmark)
4 283 PASS-PASS - Trad Attack! (Estonia)
5= 217 EYES OF BLUE - Esbe (England)
5= 217 ROSA RAVELSKA'S BLIND DATE - Moishe's Bagel (Scotland)
7= 215 LAURA JONES - Matthew Frederick (Wales)
7= 215 WHEN I SEE YOU AGAIN - Picture House (Ireland)
7= 215 HAGGIS EXPRESS - The Haggis Horns (England)
10 212 INTO THE UNKNOWN - Louis Dowdeswell Big Band (England)
11 211 RECORD COLLECTOR - Brophy's Law (Denmark)
12 209 WHERE THE SHIPS GO TO DIE - Colin Clyne (Scotland)
13 208 FOCUS - Eda Eren (England)
14 207 BETTER THAN YOU THINK - Beth Wimmer (Switzerland)
15= 206 PLATONIC - Ahu (Turkey)
15= 206 BRIDGES - Melody Federer (USA)
17= 201 PITY I DIDN'T LISTEN TO ME - Brid Shaughnessy (Ireland)
17= 201 LA PLAYA DEL SOL - Luigi and Anna Petruzzi (Italy)
19 196 EMPTY AIR - Valerie Stoica (Moldova)
20 195 MALIBU - Kim Petras (Germany)
21 194 WITCHES' DANCE - Ian Couper (Scotland)
22 187 UNCOMPLIMENTARY - Bikini Test Failure (England)
23 186 I JUST AIN'T RIGHT FOR YOU - Sheila K Cameron (Scotland)
24 184 UPSIDE DOWN - Cannon Beach (England)
25 165 BACK TO THE SUN - Arche (France)

The judges - Broadcaster, record producer, musician and performer John Cavanagh, Singer, songwriter and broadcaster Andrea Cunningham, Broadcaster and record producer Tony Currie, Hit composer, record producer, musician and broadcaster Tony Hatch and hit record producer, composer and musician Dr Richard Niles. Their final verdict can be heard on Christmas night at 22:00 GMT (10pm UK, 11pm Europe) with repeats on December 26th at 19:00 GMT and January 1st at 07:00 GMT.

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