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Simultaneous Relay Transmissions on VHF/FM
In New Zealand: in Tawa and Redwood on 88.2MHz Stereo, in Marahau on 88.2MHz Stereo and in Stoke, Nelson on 107.6MHz Stereo,
and in Edinburgh and East Lothian on 106.7MHz Stereo and 107.2MHz Stereo.

We have regular simultaneous transmissions on New Zealand's World FM network on 88.2 MHz in Tawa, serving Tawa & Redwood, on the edge of the city of Wellington; Marahau also on 88.2MHz; and the Stoke district of Nelson on 107.6MHz. You can hear us daily between 7 and 8pm NZ time, and on Saturdays and Sundays between 7 and 9pm NZ time. Our programmes are broadcast in stereo. More details on the programme pages and the World FM website. We also simulcast on Radio Saltire on 106.7 MHz and 107.2 MHz covering Edinburgh and East Lothian on Sundays between 10 and 11pm UK time.

Shortwave transmissions - 3,955kHz (75.80m)

Our station first appeared on shortwave in 2003 and for a number of years provided daily broadcasts, reverting to monthly in 2007 before ending regular transmissions in 2008. But after a few special one-off broadcasts, we resumed regular shortwave programming in the summer of 2020 and currently broadcast on the first Sunday of every month from 12:00 - 13:00 GMT on 3,955kHz from Rohrbach, Germany with a power of 10kW, aimed at listeners in Europe.

Affiliate Stations - AM: 700kHz (428m), 950kHz (316m), and 1,610 kHz (186m);
FM Stereo: 87.6, 87.8, 88.0, 88.2, 90.1, 90.5, 92.7, 95.7, 97.8, 97.9, 99.1, 99.3, 101.7, 101.8, 103.0, 103.1, 104.9, 106.0, 106.3, 106.5, 106.6, 106.7, 107.1, 107.2, 107.4, 107.5 and 107.6MHz Stereo; DAB in Glasgow and Paisley.

Many worldwide stations rebroadcast a selection of our programmes at different times from those in our schedule. We are heard from 58 transmitters (AM, FM and DAB) and 4 additional internet stations. As well as World FM and Radio Saltire (see above) which directly rebroadcast our transmissions at various times, stations who reschedule some of more of our programmes every week to fit in with local requirements are KWQQ 106.3 FM Stereo and KIOA 950 AM in Farmington, Iowa,USA; WXDR-LP Dolphin Radio 99.1 FM Stereo in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; KBOG on 97.9FM in Brandon, Oregon, USA; 103 The Eye 103 FM Stereo in Melton Mowbray, England; KCGW,107.1 FM Stereo in Edgar, Nebraska, USA; WCGD 90.5 FM in Edgar, Nebraska; KLZY 99.3 FM in Salina, Kansas; KMJY 700 AM and 104.9 FM in Solomon, Kansas; WLSL 92.7 FM in Saint Leo University, Florida; WNPA 102.5 FM in Canton, Ohio; WRAQ 92.7 FM, Angelica, New York; WROF 95.7 FM, Floyd, Virginia; WYAP 95.7 FM, Clay, West Virginia; Gateway 97.8 on 97.8FM in Basildon and East Thurrock, England; Venture Radio online from Wiltshire, England at; Radio 16 on 14 transmitters on 87.6FM and 88.0FM in New South Wales and 21 transmitters on 87.6FM, 87.8FM and 88.0FM in Victoria, Australia; Two Lochs Radio on 101.8FM, 106.0FM and 106.6FM in Wester Ross, Scotland; Shine Radio online from Lechlade-on-Thames, Gloucestershire; GCR2 online from New York at GCR; Loudspeaker FM online from Fort Collins, Colorado; Radio Saltire on 106.7FM Stereo (Mussleburgh) and 107.2FM Stereo (Tranent) in East Lothian and much of Edinburgh and Fife, Scotland ; TD1 Radio on 106.5FM from Galashiels, Scotland at; TD9 Radio online from Hawick in Scotland, Crystal FM on 107.5FM in Penicuick, Scotland; HBS Glasgow online from Glasgow, Scotland; 3TFM on 103.1FM Stereo in Ardrossan, Saltcoats and Stevenson, Ayrshire, Scotland; Radio Telstar International online from Edinburgh, and Paisley FM in Paisley and Glasgow, Scotland on 104.7FM Stereo and DAB at
For details of what programmes each station carries and their transmission times, please check the various programme guides on their own websites.

Reception Reports

We issue QSL cards for all our broadcasts and reception reports are always welcome. Please send your reception reports (using the SINPO code if possible) with an International Reply Coupon to:

The Chief Engineer
Radio Six International
The Studio
Port Ramsay
PA34 5UN

We'll acknowledge all verifiable reports with a QSL Card and a free copy of our printed programme guide Radio News.

Service Information

Outages and other technical problems affecting transmission will be reported here.
Tuesday 1st June 2021: All streams down from 22:45 GMT on Tuesday until 08:33 GMT on Wednesday due to a technical problem. New Zealand FM off air from 07:00 to 08:00 on Wednesday 2nd June.

Current stream URLs: mp3; AAC+ and Ogg


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