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Playlist for week beginning Saturday 11th March 2023.

  1. ICH KUSJE DAS LEBEN - Nancy Su (Austria) Self released
  2. TIME AFTER TIME - Eva Cassidy (USA) Blix Street Records
  3. LONG DREAMER - David Aitken (Scotland) Self released
  4. CONFUSION - Skarla One (France) Tufflock Record
  5. LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE - Just Us (Netherlands) Self released
  6. THE FEELING - Loren (England) Self released
  7. SWINE CHILD vs CABIN BOY - Kid Scaramouche (England) Self released
  8. YOU'VE GOT MAIL - John & Nienke (Netherlands) Neo Records
  9. BLUEBELL WOOD - Frank Joshua (England) Self released
  10. CANZONETTA DEL SONNO - Simonne Draper (Czech Republic) MSR Classics
  11. ACHO - Muralim (Switzerland) Ambulance Recordings
  12. LOVE ME - Kevin Village (Netherlands) Village Music
  13. DUKE'S STROLL - Mark A Walker (USA) MiParis Music Label
  14. GOING UNDER - Always Us (South Africa) Self released
  15. THE KELPIE - Christine Weir (Scotland) Self released
  16. YOU CAN HAVE HIM JOLENE - Cara Mc Gillion (Northern Ireland) Self released
  17. MIDNIGHT MAN - Kenny Hughes (South Africa) Self released
  18. LET IT BE ME - James Kilbane (Ireland) Gold Eagle Music
  19. DOPAMINE - Lyndsay (Malta) Highkey Music
  20. RAISE YA VIBRATION - Indya ft. Israelite (England) Self released
  21. DESIRE - Sergei Shmal (Israel) Self released
  22. FREE (Jon Kennedy Remix) - Frank Joshua (England) Self released
  23. AE FOND KISS - Ryan Mackenzie & Luca Manning (Scotland) Self released
  24. PLEASE STAY - Dignity Row (Scotland) Self released
  25. HEAR YOU LIE - Sally Strawberry (England) Self released
  26. DON'T WAIT TOO LONG - Paul Carrack (England) Self released
  27. HOME IS WHERE THE HATRED IS - Billy Valentine & the Univeral Truth (USA) Acid Jazz
  28. SOMETHING MORE - Papa Satch (USA) Self released
  29. ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING - Jake Aaron (England) Self released
  30. THE REASON - Hurricane #1 (England) Self released
  31. THE VOICE OF SOMEONE YOU ONCE KNEW - Objayda (England) Burning Ice
  32. NORWEGIAN PINE - Sarah Teibo (Nigeria) Wings Music Group
  33. SONGBIRD - Eva Cassidy with the London Symphony Orchestra (USA/England) Blix Street Records
  34. TEMPTATION - Yellow Pearl (Netherlands) Self released
  35. I'M JUST A COUNTRY GIRL - Bonnie StewartSelf released
  36. UNDER THE DANCING MOON, UNDER THE SINGING SKY - Yulia (Russia) Delf released
  37. STAY - The Winters (England)
  38. I CRY - Hickory HankTreehouse Records
  39. ANOTHER SHOT - (Belgium) Floyd Records
  40. INTO THE NIGHT - Jagara (England) Bad Apple Music Group
  41. FALLING TO PIECES - The Hengles (Netherlands) Self released
  42. JOLENE - Flashback Fridays (South Africa) Self released
  43. WRECK THIS ROOM - Joe Antaine (Ireland) Self released
  44. ALL IN YOUR HEAD RX - Alpha Cat (USA) Aquamarine Records
  45. HEAR ME LOVER - SJ Mortimer (England) Headline Records
  46. MAKE SHOW - MonaLisa Twins (Austria) Woolgoose Records
  47. OUT CROWD - Yates McKendree (USA) Qualified Records
  48. YOU NEVER CAN TELL WHEN IT MIGHT RAIN - Laurel Moore (Australia) Self released
  49. FLY - Steve Hewitt (England) Self released
  50. FIRE AWAY - Ross Harding (South Africa) Self released

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